Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge: Week 2

I don’t have a lot of outfits for this week’s link up.  I had a pretty rough week and things just didn’t work out as I had planned, including my outfits-of-the-day as styled by Alison and Cyndi.

Last week, the outfit prescribed for Wednesday was khaki pants, a jean jacket, a white button-down shirt, and leopard print shoes.  I can’t seem to find the perfect white shirt, so I opted for a minty-green color.

OOTD 11-19-14

Last Thursday, Alison and Cyndi recommended a neutral sweater, boots, and skinny jeans.  In my book, orange is a neutral, and I opted to throw a vest over my somewhat clingy sweater.


Friday’s outfit was a solid blouse, boot cut jeans, leopard print shoes, and a long necklace.  This blouse was too dark, but it worked out well because I spilled my coffee all down the front of it.  I don’t think anyone noticed, but I smelled suspiciously like hazelnut.  I would choose a brighter color blouse next time…too many dark colors for this outfit.


Saturday’s outfit was khaki pants, a chambray shirt, stud earrings, and leopard print shoes.  This was my favorite outfit of the week, and I ended up never remembering to take a picture of it.

Sunday’s outfit was supposed to be a lovely black sheath dress and white button down shirt…I ended up wearing jeans, a big sweater, and a t-shirt.  This outfit was much more comfortable for laying on the basement floor, and putting the pieces of my dryer back together.

Monday, I tried to get back on track.  I wore a neutral sweater, trouser-fit jeans, patent leather Hunter boat shoes, and my scarf from the scarf swap.  This lovely scarf was sent to me, and Monday was my first chance to wear it.



Tuesday, I ended up in my traditional work-from-home attire of leggings and a hoodie sweatshirt.  I was in full-comfort mode.  If I would have been playing along, Alison and Cyndi recommended a striped tee, jean jacket, khaki pants, leopard print shoes, and stud earrings.

Today’s outfit of the day was supposed to be black pants, a solid blouse, a sweater, and black boots.  I recovered from my funk (partially because I had to go in the office) and wore a patterned blouse, sweater, black suiting pants, and a grey cardigan.  I don’t have high-heeled boots…that might be pretty funny (and dangerous for me) if I did.  I was feeling a little frumpy in today’s outfit.  Maybe I will find better choices in my closet next time.


So this week didn’t go as I had planned, but maybe I will do better next week.

Today I just signed up for the Style Me Pretty Winter Challenge.  Care to join me?  I am looking forward to sparkles and sweaters!!

Winter/Holiday Style Challenge Banner

Make sure you stop by and visit some of the other bloggers that are participating in this style challenge!

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Scarf Swap!

scarf swap

Jessica Lynn writes hosted a Scarf Swap.  This was my first time participating in a swap.  It was a little daunting to shop for a scarf for someone else…I think the first email said “colorful” and wouldn’t you know it…I forgot all about that and came home from the store with a very neutral (gray) and elegant scarf that I thought was perfect for holiday parties.  I went back and checked my email for the mailing address.  Oops…nothing colorful about that scarf…quickly tucked it into my closet with the rest of my scarves.  Two days later, I went to the store and found a cozy red and black scarf that seemed more fitting for someone who was looking for “colorful.”  Next time, I might jot down a note or two rather than rely on what I think is the prettiest scarf hanging around at the store.

I received a beautiful scarf in neutral colors with a fantastic mix of stripes and floral.  I noted that my favorite color is gray, and this scarf will fit into my wardrobe perfectly!  I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet…sitting around in sweats and slippers…but I am excited to wear it today and will post a picture on Wednesday when I recap my week for Alison’s Style Me Pretty Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge.

scarf swap 2014I think my son has his eye on the cookie that was included in the package!

0119cc33ec55b39d6eab48fe41277f319a4ac61e5f 014f10cfdcb4436a8789813d475c5b85ff5d52d6cd 010f16226470727b486690f16b68b63559db6c2ffe

Side Note:  My scarf swap partner, Rachel Brenke, has a book that you really should check out (in addition to checking out her great website, that is).  Her book,  The Laundry List: A Mom’s Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home, is perfect for moms who want to gather some ideas and inspiration for streamlining the processes of running a home and a business.  She shares her strategies and methods for success.  (You can also sign up for her email updates and preview a chapter of the book for free.)

Be sure to stop by the link up and check out all the fabulous scarves that were gifted and received!  I can’t wait to do this again next year.  It was so much fun.

Happy Holidays!

{Style Me Bloggers} My Favorite Hats…and Closet Sneak Peek

So this week’s Style Me Bloggers link up is showcasing our favorite hats!  I have lots of hats…but I’m not sure how many pictures of me wearing hats I actually have!  I at least found one…

Me, Tim, and Miss Georgia

Me, Tim, and Miss Georgia

My Favorite Hats

These are my favorite hats!

Baseball capsIn Washington, baseball caps are perfect for winter hats…to keep all the rain off my glasses.

Vertical Express for MS hatsThese hats are from the Vertical Express for MS at Crystal Mountain in 2009 and 2010.  I added my snowboarding helmet because it is signed by Jimmie Heuga the founder of Can Do MS (formerly the Heuga Center for MS).  If you want to know about Jimmie Heuga, check out this link…pretty spectacular man and I was blessed to meet him and he truly touched my life and he and the staff at Can Do MS helped me realize that I am more than just “Joy who has MS.”  I’m not just a list of symptoms and physical limitations.  I can do anything I put my mind too!

Not staying awake for Picture Troop Salute Hat GeorgiaAnd for the next two hats, here is Miss Georgia, #1 fan, looking tired.  The long crocheted cap was made by my mama so that is pretty special to me.  I love to wear that when the weather is cold and a game is on, because no one else has one.  The other Seahawks hat that she is wearing is a Salute to Service Seahawks beanie that I just got this month.  I always like when the Seahawks have gear that is directed towards military members and Veterans. you can’t guess anything about me by my choice in hats! 

In case you really can’t…I like sparkly things, football, shooting ranges, and I live with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  I tried to learn to snowboard after my diagnosis…I wasn’t very good but it was fun.  (I haven’t gone since my mama passed away.)  I am a proud U.S. Army Veteran, and a recent graduate of the University of Alabama.  (I just completed my master’s degree in May 2014.)


And if you got this far, here is a link to my closet pictures that should have been included in the last link up!

Make sure you check out some other blogs and see what hats everyone loves this winter!


{Day 8} Committed to Saving

Wow, I’m just still under the weather and dragging through my days this week.

I had to take a trip to Costco to pick up a prescription, so I dropped $10 on that. I never mind picking that one up because the rest of my meds cost so much more.

While I was there I spent some cash on groceries and a couple trays of baked goods for a work potluck tomorrow. I stayed within my limit and was happy to walk out of there for less than $60.

I did slip up and ran through the drive thru so I could go home and finish some work and then climb into bed early. I really was having a bad day, and I think my emotions made me slip up thinking I deserved the ease and convenience but not a healthy choice, financially, emotionally, or physically. There went just about $10 cash.

So today’s lesson in The 21-day Financial Fast was about saving and the importance of an emergency fund and a “life happens” fund. In all honesty, I don’t have either right now. I have a retirement fund through work and an IRA that I add to every pay day. I need to build up my emergency fund, so I really need to critically assess my budget this weekend.

I also need to start thinking about my budget for Christmas. I’ve got some work to do this weekend!!

Do you have your budget done for holiday spending? Or maybe I’m just the only procrastinator in the world!

{Day 7} Building a Budget

Today my challenge for today was to begin putting my budget onto paper and being realistic about where my money goes each month. Budgeting is one of those things you don’t learn in school, but it is critical to personal success.

A good portion of my evening has been dedicated to working on my budget, so I don’t have a ton of time to explain how I’ve organized it today. I think I will share more about that this weekend.

For today, spending was $0…still convenient to have no energy and no desire to go out and run errands…saves me money, but really I’m getting tired of feeling sick and tired.

Until tomorrow…

Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge-Week 1

basics wardrobe challengeI’ve spent a bunch of time digging through my closet for yet another style challenge.

I am participating in another Style Me Pretty Challenge courtesy of the fabulous Alison Lumbatis at Get Your Pretty On and this time she is teaming up with Cyndi Spivey of Walking in Grace and Beauty.   This challenge is called the Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge.Build Your Wardrobe Basics BannerAs my closet has been spilling out everywhere, I decided that I would take on this challenge without hitting the stores for some new items.  I need more help building a wardrobe with my basics, as opposed to purchasing more basics.  I am also working on a little personal challenge of not spending frivolously for 21 days.  (Today, I am only on day 7…two more weeks to go!)

So since things are just getting started, I only have a couple outfits to share with you.

Day 1:  Alison and Cyndi’s Rx-boot cut jeans, striped long sleeve tee, tassel necklace, neutral satchel purse, and some leopard flats. 

I added a sweater because as much as I love my stretchy striped shirt, it is a little too clingy around my tummy!

OOTD day 1

This is a signature look for me…I call it my MS-lean. (Maybe that is only funny and expected if you have MS.)

OOTD day 1_1

Miss GA looks so sad in this picture!

Day 2: Alison and Cyndi’s Rx-Chambray shirt, black slacks, black boots with a heel, leopard belt, and black and gold earrings. 

My commentary…button-up shirts are one of the hardest things for me to find because of problems with fit.  I paired my shirt with black cords since I was working from home.  I am so all about not having to have my black suiting slacks dry cleaned unless it is really a worthy cause!  I added a statement necklace and black suede wedge booties (…only for the picture because I worked at home today).   This wasn’t my favorite outfit, but it was what I grabbed and I stuck with it for the day…except those shoes…they are comfy and stylish, but not 100% MS-friendly.

OOTD day 2

Just in case you want to join along, you aren’t too late for the Build Your Basics Challenge…but there is also a Winter/Holiday Challenge coming up soon!  I really don’t have any parties planned, but I would love to figure out how to put together a couple outfits for going out during the holidays.  I also can’t wait to cuddle up in sweaters and layers of clothing.  I don’t think I will need to buy much for a winter challenge, but it will be fun to find new ways to pull the items I have together.  I am slowly breaking free of my yoga pant and hoodie sweatshirt ways!

Winter/Holiday Style Challenge Banner

Coming up this week, I will be linking up with the Style Me Bloggers and we are showing off our favorite winter hats!  I also thought I’d include a couple pictures of my closet status post purge…since I didn’t post any closet pics at the last link up.  So if you are interested in seeing the progress in my closet (i.e. no more 73 dresses), or checking out some great winter hats…we will be linking up again this Friday!

Don’t forget to stop by the blogger link up for the Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge.  The ladies have some great outfits to share!

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{Day 6} Contentment, Gratitude, & Large Household Appliances

Today is day 6 of my personal challenge to spend less.  I’m still home sick, so it is definitely easy to not go out and spend any money!  Today was a $0 spent day…except for an auto-debit for my car insurance payment.

I am currently reading through Michelle Singletary’s book The 21 Day Financial Fast.

Some days being content is difficult.

The last few days, I was side tracked by a little bit of a household maintenance dilemma.  This blurry picture, below, stopped my Sunday in its tracks, and managed to completely throw off my laundry schedule this week.

the remains of smoldering dryer lint

My son and I were washing bed linens on Sunday, and we started to smell smoke.  Thankfully, we were both in the laundry area!  I yanked the plug out of the wall as fast as I could and grabbed a wrench (Note:  I keep a screwdriver and wrench, that is the right size for the screws and bolts, in a container next to the washer and dryer for easy access.  I was very thankful for this little stash of tools on Sunday!!)

After quickly yanking apart the dryer…side note…nothing makes you forget you have a serious head cold faster than the prospect of an impending house fire…I found lint smoldering on top of the blower unit and near the element.  SCARY!! 

So after my quick tear apart and cleaning, my dryer looked like this:

01d11d8ccd91c7a279ff9dc7b08461548e7b72c75c 0100b58b10f48f921930fe0c025a3813352c1ce873

It took a bit of time to clean it all up, and I just couldn’t get the belt back on correctly.  I had my son help me, and we accidentally snapped the grounding wire.  I am all about trying to fix things if I can, but dryers and wires, and recent black and smokey lint made me nervous, so I called my dad.  Except Tim and I are both sick, so we can’t have him come over and fix the dryer just yet!

Man, if this isn’t a lesson in patience (and the need for annual dryer maintenance), I don’t know what is!

Now I could sit around and be frustrated (full disclosure: there may have been a door slammed to the laundry area after we snapped the grounding wire…but I definitely held my tongue) or I could even be angry that I have to figure out these things for myself.  However, I am truly, truly glad that my son and I were standing there when we started smelling smoke.

And how is this for gratitude…I even made a little bit of money…

dryer money

So my recommendations today are that you do the following:

1) Check your venting to your dryer and if you haven’t performed maintenance on your dryer, today’s as good as any other day to do it!

2) If you don’t have a fire extinguisher in your laundry room, go out and get one…and while you are at it, check to see that the smoke detector in your laundry area is working.

3) Remind your teenage son to check his pockets before doing his laundry! (oh that might not apply to everyone!)

I still don’t have my dryer up and running because my son and I still have the crud and I am not spreading those icky germs around more than I have to.  But today, I am grateful for the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit that nudged me to get up from bed when I wasn’t feeling well, go downstairs, and check on the progress of the laundry, even when I knew that my teenage son was fully competent to wash, dry, fold, and repeat.

{Day 5} Cultivating a Heart Focused on Gratitude

So today I spent $10.94 on my monthly Photoshop CC subscription. I calculated this into my business expenses for this 21-day period. I’m happy with not spending more than that.

My son and I stayed home and made a simple meal of burrito bowls for dinner…it usually goes over a little better, but today’s conversation went something like this…

I asked Tim, “How’s your dinner?”

His response, “Average.”

I asked him, “You don’t like it?”

Tim’s response, “It’s keeping me alive.”

So it wasn’t the best meal I made…it is actually my go to quick weekday lunch. Black beans, corn, brown rice, and salsa, all warmed up together and topped with cheese. Apparently to a 14-year old boy, it is completely a most basic, boring form of sustenance to be consumed solely because nothing better is available. I’m fine with that, because I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I also thought his answer about dinner was creative and honest. It made for a fun dinner for me.

I’m grateful for a simple meal with my son and a day filled with authenticity and simplicity.

I also love having a well-stocked pantry to make weeknight meals easy. I’ve kind of held onto an entitled belief that after a long day of work, and dealing with MS fatigue, that it was okay to get take-out or order pizza. It is destroying my budget, and it has been impacting my family’s health and wellness. I’ve made an effort to commit to making food at home instead and it isn’t as time-consuming as I’ve convinced myself.

What are you grateful for today?

Restful Slumber Diffuser Blend

Hmm…it may seem like I am obsessed with diffuser blends today.  Okay, so really I am…today and every other day.  I use a diffuser in my home office and in my bedroom.  I haul it all over the house if I need to.  When that self-imposed spending freeze of mine is over, I might just buy a couple more and save me the room-to-room haul! 

So I’ve been following @simplyoils on Instagram.  Toni, of A Bowl Full of Lemons, is having a photo-of-the-day challenge for November.  Today’s post is supposed to be sleep.  Sleep is hard to come by when you battle MS…which is weird because fatigue is one of my worst symptoms.  Anyhow, I love to diffuse essential oils in the evening, and as I am falling asleep.  Most nights I have a bit of insomnia, so I just turn my little diffuser right back on when I wake up.

This is one of my favorite sleepy-time blends…you might notice it is a little non-traditional.  Most seem to use lots and lots of lavender.  My mama showed me how to use chamomile when my daughter was colicky way, way, way back in the day.  I love how restful and calming chamomile is, so I included it in my Restful Slumber Diffuser Blend.

restful slumber diffuser blend IG

If you have any questions about purchasing or using essential oils, feel free to visit my doTERRA site, comment here, or email me.  I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA because I wholeheartedly endorse and believe in the quality and ease of their products.  My mama used to self-study aromatherapy long before it was cool (1980s-90s), or maybe just long before I ever truly understood how cool it was…and I gleaned some great tips from her.  Also, for more tips, tricks, recipes, and photos of using essential oils in everyday life, visit me on Instagram.


…Oh, and speaking of Toni and her wonderful Instagram page…if you follow her blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons, you might have noticed she has teamed up with Becky at Clean Mama and Becky of Organizing Made Fun for a fabulous giveaway that you definitely shouldn’t miss.  If you are interested in essential oils, or want to learn more ways to use them in your own home…this is definitely the giveaway to enter!!  These ladies are all fantastic, so even if you aren’t entering the giveaway (YOU SHOULD), you may want to bookmark their sites and check back often!

Now get out of here and go enter!!!  You don’t want to pass up the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

Clarity, Concentration & Focus Diffuser Blend

Clarity-Focus Diffuser Blend

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