{101 in 1001} #64 Journaling Prompts

I didn’t start writing in journals until just a couple years ago.

Correction: I didn’t start writing in journals, and not tossing them out haphazardly, until just a couple years ago.

I started to feel like my ability to find words quickly was going down hill (thanks MS and stress), so I started writing a few pages in a notebook every morning.  It slowly just became a part of my daily routine.  I’ve missed a few days over the years, but I’ve amassed a few notebooks of scrawled bits about anything and everything on my mind.

My solution for not tossing them out was that among the pages, I added lists and ideas of projects I was working on.  I figured that was incentive to not send them sailing into the closest recycle bin or garbage can.  I might need those notes later, so trashing the whole notebook was no longer an option.

I did ensure that my daughter is on board with throwing out my box of notebooks someday so that no one ever reads them.  I definitely add in whining about who annoyed me and why, and a few rants about this and that, so I’d never want anyone to feel bad reading what I’d gone on  and on and on about.

One of my goals for the next 1,001 days was to use journaling prompts for a 30 day period.  I’ve looked online for lists and found things like, “Your favorite food is…” or “Do you think your zodiac fits your personality? Why or Why not?

Not exactly what I was going for.

Then I stumbled across some prompts on this list of June Journaling Prompts from Journaling Sage:

List 100 words that are so delicious to you.

What do you want to leave behind on this planet?

List all the things you are burning to make.

What credit have you not given yourself yet?

Now these prompts were a little more along the lines of what I was looking for.  They are a little jolt for my personal challenge to keep writing and keep looking for those words that often seem to get lost in my head.

Keeping perspective and living well with multiple sclerosis are certainly a challenge I face every morning when I wake up.  Over the last few years I’ve been able to be a little more patient with myself and the unpredictable nature of MS.  Some days aren’t as easy as others, but I usually can stop myself before I fall down, or too far down, the rabbit hole of “woe is me.”  I try to remind myself that journaling isn’t just for junior high, and that it really allows me to slow down and give myself time to think.

Do you keep a journal?  How do you come up with ideas to keep you writing?

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