{31 Days of Quilty Fears} But I Don’t…

31 days of quilty fearsInsert your excuse today.

I’ve heard more than I can even list!

1. But I don’t do math!

I didn’t get a math brain either, but I am still a quilter.

Me?  I solve this problem by just winging it.  However, this results in extra trips to the fabric store when I haven’t calculated yardage correctly.  This also requires a certain amount of panic and prayer that they still have a bolt of the fabric I need for the two remaining blocks I need for my quilt.

Don’t be like me!

A really great new resource for figuring out your quilty math is Blossom Heart Quilts DIY Block Design e-book.

2. But I don’t do geometry!

I never made it more than a month into any geometry class before I got the boot back to Algebra 1.  Somehow I still make quilts.

Honestly, I always try to buy extra fabric because I cut and sew wrong ALL THE TIME.  Recently, I made a house block backwards three times before I just chose a different pattern.

That “measure twice, cut once” wisdom doesn’t always work for me, but maybe it might help someone else.

3.  But I don’t have a super fancy top-of-the-line computerized machine that can sew and embroider!

Neither do I.  Personally, I am not a fan of sewing machine stores that feel more like a used car lot.

I use a Pfaff Passport 2.0 and an Elna Lotus.

No machine?  Try English Paper Piecing. For a fantastic tutorial via Stitchin’ Post, click here.

Everyone else, if your machine has a straight stitch, you have all you need to get to work.

4.  But I don’t live near a fabric store!

I have a few stores near me, but the problem I find is that the stores seem to be filled with the fabric the store owner loves. 

This doesn’t necessarily work for me and I’d rather drive about 30 miles to go to Pacific Fabrics in Bremerton, Washington.  I never leave empty handed.

There are fantastic resources online.

Have you tried searching on Etsy?  I have several favorite independent shops I buy from via Etsy.

A couple of my favorite online fabric sources are Missouri Star Quilt Company and Fat Quarter Shop.

5.  But I don’t…

When you think about quilting, what is holding you back?

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