{31 Days of Quilty Fears} Introduction

31 days of quilty fears

I might know a thing or two about quilting.  My mama first taught me to sew and hand tie my first quilt when I was four years old.

Now that doesn’t mean now, after many, many years, that I am a precision piecer, or an award winning quilter by any means.

It simply means that I grew up in a home where my mama put a great deal of emphasis on encouraging handiwork and creativity.

My mama was very skilled and was known for her fine thread crochet.  She was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to her handiwork.  She used to make the most beautiful angels.

crochet angelsThen there was me.


Only in theory.

Complete projects in a timely manner?

Depends on your definition of “timely.”


Let’s just say my siblings and children threaten a self-published coffee table book titled, “The Art Shaming of Joy.”

So when a friend mentions that she’d “love to learn to quilt, but…

I know the excuses are about to flow.

I know them, because I’ve heard them all.

In fact, I’ve used many of them myself over the years.

Now I’ll admit, there is a world full of rational fears.


Tucking your skirt into your pantyhose and not realizing it.

Buying Christmas presents in October while hoping and praying you can make it until December without telling everyone what you bought them.

Spilling the beans when you unknowingly talk in your sleep, or maybe just finding out you snore? 

Running into someone you haven’t seen in several years the one day you decided to run to Target in sweatpants and a hoodie because your son “just needs one thing for school” he forgot to mention sooner.

Wondering if you have too many fines on your library card to check out the dozen cookbooks you just plopped down in front of the librarian.

Math tests.

Threading a Serger.

These all are totally acceptable things to be afraid of!


Not something to be scared of.


Definitely not something to be scared of.

For the rest of October, I’ll be sharing a few things I’ve learned along the way as I’ve faced my quilty (and creative) fears head on.

But I know I’m not the only one out there who’s had to face fears about being a maker and a quilter!

Is there anything about creativity or quilting that makes you second guess the process, or even keeps you from getting started? 

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