{31 Days of Quilty Fears} The Quilt Police

The nice thing about the Write 31 Days challenge, and quilty fears, is that sometimes it only takes a few words to let you in on a little secret.

Today’s tidbit:

Quilt police. 

You might be familiar with this little term and it just might spark fear in your heart.

Someone walking around with white gloves and a seam gauge, checking to make sure you have a scant 1/4-inch seam allowance. 

Are your stitches uniform and consistent throughout the quilt top?

Perhaps they are ensuring you haven’t mixed batiks, civil war reproduction prints, and homespun fabrics in your quilt.

Or maybe the quilt police might be determining if you are staying in your identified quilting style. 

Modern quilter, traditional quilter, art quilter. 

Never shall one deviate from their identified quilty role.

However, if the quilt police do exist, I haven’t met one yet.

So far, in all my years of sewing, the only time anyone checked my seam allowance was in a junior high home economics course.

The only person that checks my seam allowances for accuracy now is me.

I’ve mixed patterns, colors, and styles.

I made a quilt from a modern quilt pattern using civil war reproduction prints and my friend appreciated the gift. No one questioned my methods.

Modern quilts, string quilts, hand-tied quilts, flannel quilts, rag quilts, quilt-as-you-go, art quilts, you name it, I’ve made it. 

I’m not sure what that makes me.

Rule breaker?


In all the years, I’ve never received a quilt police citation.

No one has suspended my quilty license.

My Pfaff and Elna have never been impounded.

I’m sure there might be people who are quick to judge what you’re making, but don’t ever let that stop you from getting started.

Have you ever experienced the quilt police?

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  • Oh, I wish I had remembered the 31 Day Writing Challenge. I have been so excited to be working in a library again that I forgot to write! Hey, maybe I could write the remainder of the month on working again in a library.
    This post is so well written, Joy. I like the way you arranged your sentences and paragraphs. It is almost as if I can hear you saying what you have written. I can sense your fear or your uneasiness at the thought of the quilt police putting your craft through intense scrutiny. I feel much the same way when I attempt to do anything crafty or artistic. I become almost paralyzed when I realize I crookedly cropped a photo in my scrapbooking. I can’t focus on anything else. Or my terror when I try to paint. I am so afraid of messing up that I stare at the blank canvas forever. So in my mind I edited your phrase “quilt police” to “guilt police” – they guilt me into not doing anything, into beating myself up so badly that I stop trying to be artsy and creative.
    Love this post. Admire your gumption to continue to work on your craft even when you might question yourself and your quilting. You create great beauty. Don’t ever stop!

    • WRITE. Just start. Who cares if it is October 1st or any other day? I have tossed out many projects that I’ve started and considered failures. I learn something and move on. Thank you for your compliments. You are a dear friend and very encouraging.