A Quilty Blog with No Quilts?

Georgia and the quilt in progress

Here is a pink and black scrap quilt that I started from fat quarters and odds and ends lying around my sewing studio (aka home office, storage room, clutter central).

I started this scrap quilt a little while back as a distraction from studying for finals and working on my Capstone paper.  Now that I have no more deadlines or exams to take, I wast thinking that I might want to reintroduce myself to my sewing machine.  Much like the kitchen stove, we went our separate ways while the homework and housework piled up during graduate school.

The pattern is Spike’s Pinwheel from Marti Michell’s 5 is Fabulous! book.  I loved how easy it was to piece the top. I think I could spend a small fortune on her books, patterns, and rulers and never feel a twinge of regret.

It is (was) going together rather quickly…with the exception of my procrastinating on backing and binding the quilt.  Maybe today will be the day that I buy some batting and see if I can get this quilt finished and sent to its new home.  However, even if I never finish, Georgia seems to think that she could keep it for herself.

I have several more unfinished projects where this one came from.

How many quilt tops or unfinished projects do you have waiting to be finished?

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