A Trip to the Fair

Yesterday, I took a quick trip to the Washington State Fair because I wanted to see how my quilt did for the Through the Looking Glass quilt & fabric challenge sponsored by the Quilt Barn.

It was fun to walk around the fair on a quiet morning with my son and my sister.

My son made sure to put my walker (I call it a stroller) in the car so that I had a built in place to sit while he and my sister enjoyed the midway rides.  Those two made sure to point out that I was extra slow.  Stupid MS.

I know my son has fun on the rides, but I think he likes the fair for the food.  He stuffs the basket on the front of my stroller with little bags filled with sweets and treats to haul home.  My stroller might be one of those necessary evils, but it sure does come in handy!

spam & Tim

He ended up with a bit of a tummy ache after ingesting an onion burger, fudge, salt water taffy, lemonade, and who knows what else.

That boy can eat!

The fair is extended this year, so not all the animals are showing at the same time.  

I was slightly disappointed that the poultry barn was chicken-free and instead filled with pigeons on display.  The poultry show begins on September 7th.  The open-class sheep and fiber show isn’t until much later in September.  I do miss tending hens, but I am content without unruly sheep.  However, I love to see them at the fair.

We were able to see the dairy cattle showing, with barns full of Jersey, Holstein, and Brown Swiss.

We also saw lots of goats.

This cozy, content group was my favorite:


After we saw sleeping goats, we all tried just sitting on a Tempur-Pedic mattress to see if it was comfortable.  We all agreed that we felt like we were sinking.  For some odd reason, there were TONS of mattresses at the fair.  Every time we turned around, there was another display of them.  I remember endless hot tub displays, but the mattresses everywhere seemed unusual to me.

Between rides, animals, and filling Tim’s sugar quota for the year, we made it to the Home Arts display.

My favorite display was filled with just a few items.

seahawks display

The crocheted Seahawks color afghan was beautiful, but the most amazing afghan was tucked away in the corner of this display.

seahawks afghan

I’m sure my mama was talented enough to pull something like that off, but I never learned those skills!

The Through the Looking Glass quilt challenge display was a lot of fun.  Everyone did such an amazing job with the challenge fabric.


My quilt didn’t pull for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but it was awarded an Honorable Mention ribbon.  I thought that was pretty great for biting the bullet and finally entering a quilt in the fair.

All of the quilts were beautiful and it was definitely a tough competition.  My son and sister said that although I didn’t win the challenge contest, my quilt was placed in a fantastic spot, right underneath the 1st place quilt.

through the looking glass mini quilt

I told my dad that although I learned to quilt at age 4, it took me until I was 40 years old to get up the nerve to enter a quilt in the state fair.

I am definitely more comfortable entering a quilt, and I’ve already started brainstorming a couple ideas for next year’s entry(ies).

It ended up being a really fun day with my son and my sister.  Most of the time I sit everything out because I get very tired, but it was fun to see all of the displays.  I especially enjoyed seeing all the quilts hung up on display, and walking through the animal barns.

I definitely like the simple things in life.  Finishing the day curled up in bed dreaming of quilts, snacking on a scone filled with raspberry jam, instead of eating a real dinner, is my form of simple living.

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