about me



  • I was raised on a whole lotta Hank, Patsy, Jesus, and oatmeal.
  • The way to this gal’s heart?  Coffee.
  • I’m a single mom to two beautiful children: Alice (college) & Timothy (high school).
  • Two things my kids NEVER want to hear me say: “Whatever cranks your tractor…or “…I did the math myself.”
  • Once upon a time, a professor said: “Well, I’m sure you and I can both agree you aren’t going to be an accountant.
  • I have a master’s degree in Human Environmental Science from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide Roll!) but…
  • My first love is quilting.  Scrappy quilts make my heart go pitter-patter.
  • I operate out of a studio in a 1920’s Craftsman bungalow, yet fabric & thread are found in every nook & cranny.
  • I dream of the day I can do some front porch sittin’ sipping an ice cold lemonade or a highball of whiskey on the rocks, watching the wind blow, the roses bloom, and chickens peck the ground!
  • There’s always a bottle of white wine and champagne in my fridge.  Always because I never open them.
  • My biggest challenge? Living well with multiple sclerosis (MS).
  • Lazy day meal? Air-popped popcorn or peanut butter & saltines.
  • I adore comfort food and Thanksgiving dinner.
  • I DON’T like chocolate ice creamIt’s just not right.
  • I could read (and watch) Pride & Prejudice and Lonesome Dove over and over again.
  • Old Gringo boots make me SWOON.  Seriously.
  • I’m not admitting to a problem, but I may spend a good portion of my income at my local quilt shops.
  • What isn’t spent on fabric may or may not be spent on cowboy boots.
  • If I had a windfall, I’d have someone build me a boot closet.  After that, I’d buy myself a longarm.
  • If I had a yard full of flowers, it’d be jammed with of ranunculus, peonies, climbing roses & forget-me-nots.
  • I still wear my aprons from childhood: one scrappy with ditsy prints & one fancy made of red chiffon.
  • I’ve NEVER mastered knitting or keeping secrets.
  • I’m ALWAYS picked last for Scrabble.