Big Stitches

As much as I want to hand stitch an heirloom whole cloth quilt, with absolutely perfectly tiny stitches, it isn’t likely to happen in my lifetime.

Stupid MS!

That’s my excuse.

Well, stupid MS, AND my tendency to distraction, procrastination, lack of motivation…

But holding a tiny betweens needle and making all my stitches uniform is definitely a challenge with sensory dysfunction in my hands.

Thank goodness for big stitches.Work in Progress Spring

I’ve used big stitches on mini quilts and bed-sized quilts and it keeps me busy and is quite relaxing.

big stitches geometric quilt top

Hand quilting is also is a very effective cat magnet.

cat on hand quilting hoop big stitches
I’ve got a basket with about 19 flimsy quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  It might take until the cows come home to get through all of them, so some might need to either be quilted by machine or quilted by card.

I’ve never quilted by credit card yet, but there’s got to be a great place to send them out to if I have a sudden sense of desperation.

My teenage son thinks it’s time to buy a longarm machine, but…

….I don’t think he realizes the cost is on par with buying a car.

A really, really nice car.

Although there’s no way to stretch my budget for a longarm machine, I do need to finish at least one or two so that my basket has room for some new quilt tops.

Maybe ending 2016 and beginning 2017 with some finishes might be in order.

Or I’ll just keep laying in bed with some hot coffee, a quilt in a hoop over my lap, watching football and/or hockey, and working on my big stitches.

That’s more my style.

Perhaps it’s simply time to get a larger basket to hold all the flimsy quilt tops in progress.


If you’d like to learn more about the basics of hand quilting, stop by this Tuesday.  I’ll be sharing a bit more about the basics of hand quilting with big stitches and the supplies needed to get started.

Oh, and if you know a great longarm quilter to send quilts out to for quilting by card, I just might be in the market for one.  Recommendations are appreciated!  

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