Carpenter’s Star

I’ve been working on a carpenter’s star quilt.


I spent many months working on the hand quilting a little bit at a time.

I only needed to finish quilting the borders and put on the binding.

I had another project that I wanted to finish first that I felt was much more important, so this one missed the final deadline to get to its new home.  I was pretty sad about that.

My new plan:  Set it aside in a laundry basket and let it languish for a bit.

quilt in a laundry basket

My plan was in place for a whopping three hours or so.  Then, my son had a plan.  And I think it involved getting the laundry basket back.

He told me that I have two choices:

#1: Finish the quilt I started, wash it, and put it on my own bed.


#2: Finish the quilt I started, wash it, and tuck it away until a better time.

But he made sure I was aware that neither of my choices allowed me to let a quilt languish, perpetually unfinished, just taking up space.

That kid then offered even more unsolicited advice and told me:

“Maybe you just need to be a better person. Get better at life mom.”

Wow!  My kid is blunt.

I have no idea where that came from.

All I did was swipe the laundry basket and stop working on a project.

He told me to get to work.

He wasn’t having any of my excuses.

So I dumped out the basket.

I made some binding.

Actually, I made LOTS of binding. (Enough for 2 quilts, easy.)

Math is hard.


My son made us soup for lunch so that I wouldn’t quit working.

He really is adamant that I get this one done.

I’m not sure why.

Maybe he joined the quilt police and is combating procrastination.

Or he just knows sometimes his mama needs to have a little push in the right direction.

You know, in order to…

…get better at life.

sewing binding on quilt

At this point, my every intention was to fold it back up and not work on hand sewing the binding down.

I could think of a hundred other things I could work on!

But that kid is pretty smart and sometimes I actually am quiet and listen to what others are saying.

I am also quick to give up on things and wish I hadn’t later.

So I even started working on hand quilting the binding while watching football.


Rita was happy snuggling up with this quilt while I work on the binding.


I have half the binding hand sewn down and it does feel better to not give up on something, even when my brain ruminates on already missing the mark with this one.

Maybe that kid of mine nudged me to be just a wee bit better at life, even if I only do it one very slow stitch at a time.

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