Carrying More Than I Need

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When I was little I used to love cutting out pictures from the Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs and picking out all the things that I’d use to decorate a home.

I haven’t done that in decades, but I suppose I still live vicariously through images in home decorating magazines.

Yet as my kids have gotten older, I’ve found myself longing for a much more simple life and a smaller, more simple home.

I still have a deep desire for creating a home that is a cozy, warm haven for my family, but it isn’t based on matching linens, a pretty china pattern and crystal glassware.

Though I’d really, really, really love if the mishmash of silverware was suddenly solved and not continually depleted due to forks and spoons lost in trash cans during school lunches.

A while back I let go of the “backup” box of matching glasses that I kept so  if one was broken I could replace it in cupboard and keep the sets evenly matched.

This box had its purpose at the time.  Partially because of that outdated desire for the perfectly pulled together home, but also continually pretending that I didn’t have any limitations from MS.  Maybe my propensity to drop dishes and continually scooping up shattered glassware helps facilitate that desire to simplify and downsize, at least in the kitchen.

Now I’ve let go we are down to only two remaining glasses from my favorite set (I can’t blame that one on my kids)  and I truly welcomed the gift of unbreakable glasses from my sister at Christmas one year.

A home that is a haven is still a desire of my heart, but what I don’t want to do is pack and haul boxes and boxes of items that don’t fill my home with the comfort and beauty I long for.

Maybe what rules my simple, little world now is simply sentiment.

I want to just keep carrying the things that make my heart swoon.

Memories and small treasures that might seldom be noticed are often the things I love the most.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy quilting so much.

Quilting is one of the first things I remember my mama teaching me.  I can remember lots of things: my mama’s guidance, the Singer Featherweight, and then sitting in the room tying and tying and tying pink yarn to finish my quilt, and the feeling of pride when I finished that quilt and gave it away.

The end result of my mama’s patience was a small quilt with a lesson I carry with me even today:  Simply sit down, start stitching, begin creating beauty, and share love with others.

Work in Progress Spring

A little bit of work and then curling up under a comfy quilt full of warmth and love.

abundant hearts quilt

Despite the simplicity, it is easy to get caught up in stashing away fabric and adding more things to my quilty wishlist of items to acquire.

However, what I really love the most is making something for the special people in my life.

Fabric stash and more supplies just are another box to pack, fill, and haul, so in 2015 and continuing now into 2016, I’m sewing my fabric stash and chalking up the finishes, completing line items on my to-do list.

I love the finishes, not the stashes.

Smiles, hugs and gratitude accompany the finishes and continually soften my heart.

Tim's snack quilt

Which do you prefer, keeping a huge fabric stash full of unlimited possibility or only what you need for your current project?  Or maybe you fall somewhere in between those extremes. 

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  • Ahh, my stash…i have more luck decluttering other items. My system is as easy as breathing–but like breathing, must be done continually. Plastic grocery bags are stashed on every level of the house. While I’m hunting for things, I continually look for objects that I no longer need. They are popped into a handy shopping bag. When the bag is full, it goes to the back door. When I go to the car, it’s carried to the trunk. When I’m near the donation center, I swing by. No stress. I aim to discard two bags per week–a good cubic foot. I exceeded that in 2015.
    Keep on quiltin’