Christmas is Sneaking Up Fast

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When you’re young and waiting for Santa, Christmas always seems like it is too far away.

When you’re a quilter, Christmas always sneaks up on you fast, no matter how many months of the year you’ve been toiling away on projects.

My son keeps blatantly stating he wants a quilt for Christmas. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish one in time for him.  The days seem to slip away quickly, despite starting on a quilt for him several months ago.

I have to admit, I do like that my son wants a quilt from his mama for Christmas.

Well, he asked for a quilt, a couple of chocolate oranges, and a gift card to a gaming website.

Still, he wants a quilt from his mama for Christmas!

Maybe I should figure out how to make that happen!

It’s been at least six years since I made him a quilt for Christmas.

The quilt I made for him in 2009 wasn’t fancy.  I was dealing with a flare-up of MS.  It was actually one of the last projects my mama helped me hand sew the binding on.  I was having trouble with sensation in my hands and my vision wasn’t exactly top notch.

My son calls it the “snack quilt.”  My favorite moment on Christmas in 2009 was seeing the look on his face when he got the gift bag open.

He just figured out what is in the bag! I actually kept a surprise with this one, all the way up to Christmas Day. (Amazing, right?)



I love, love, love this picture. It melts my heart.

22358_1302533045595_7385510_nThe genuine expressions of surprise and happiness are something I need more often as a mama and come far less often from a teenager!

It might be worth a few very late nights of sewing to capture a few more moments that I live for.

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