DIY Quilt Block Design

It’s no secret that I have a slight little obsession with Alyce Blyth’s Blossom Heart Quilts Blog.  Between the Bee Hive Quilting Bee and now her e-book about designing quilt blocks (and figuring out the quilty math), it seems I’m always paying close attention to what she’s up to!

A little while back, Alyce was on the hunt for some volunteers to design blocks using her DIY Block Design e-book.  I jumped at the chance.

Today, I’m excited to share my block design with you.

DIY Block Design ebook

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Alyce’s book, I really encourage you to take a peek.  It is a great reference for learning basic block structure and common structure of piecing blocks.

Now I own some handy dandy complicated (slightly expensive) quilt design software.  I also am not the most technically savvy individual.

Shocker, right?

More often than not, I find myself doodling my quilt block designs on graph paper.

Now here’s another little, not so secret, tidbit about me:

I am not a math whiz!

Seriously, you aren’t surprised in the least, I know.

Somehow, I followed along with Alyce’s basic quilt math instructions, and I managed to piece together a block that turned out just like I had envisioned.

Not too shabby.

Now I’m quite happy with how my quilt top is turning out, but for right now, I’m only going to show you a little peek.

DIY Block Design is a perfect book if you want to learn how to design your own quilt blocks, or you just need a little extra help figuring out your quilty math.  It is also fantastic for figuring out how to resize your favorite blocks.

This book is also fantastic if you come across a vintage quilt and you want to figure out how to construct the block without a pattern.

Make sure you hop over to Alyce’s blog and check out her e-book and also see the other block designers using her book to get started with their quilt tops!

Now that I’m on track with my quilt design, the only question is just when this bed-sized quilt will get finished up and on to its new home!!  That remains to be seen.

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