Hand-Marbled Fabrics

Yesterday, at the Puyallup Valley Quilter’s Guild, I had the wonderful opportunity to see a trunk show with the beautiful hand-marbled fabrics of textile and fiber artist, Suzi Soderlund.

Suzi discussed various fabric dying techniques, hand dying, marbling, snow dyeing and over dyeing.  It was easy to see that she’s absolutely in love with creating beautiful fabrics.  You can see some of her fabric designs here.  She’s also kind enough to offer some tutorials here.

All I can say is “WOW!”

She even brought samples of her work as wearables (and you can buy the patterns on her website, too).

I liked the sample for the Tibetan Curves jacket because it is quite longer in the back, and ladies jeans seem to never cover quite enough.  I’m all for long jackets to cover my bum.  I’m not certain I’m up for sewing a lined jacket these days, but I’m intrigued by the idea.  I kind of seem to be in a winging-it-not-following-directions phase.

Oh wait, that’s the story of my life!

Now if it wasn’t two days before payday, and if I wasn’t sticking to a budget, I would have spent a lot more than the $15 I did last night.  I’ve learned to leave my checkbook and debit card home on the days I go to guild meetings.  I usually just tuck a $20 in my purse.  Self-limiting!

Anyhow, I bought a hand-marbled fat quarter (Marbled Black Waved Icarus) with a bit of a shimmer to it, and I also picked up a pattern for a simple quilt.

My picture here doesn’t do this fabric justice:

hand-marbled fabric **I realize it might have been nice to press the fabric before I took a picture, but guild night is a late night for me and work always starts pulling me away bright and early the next morning.  Sorry about that.

I also made a mental note (who am I kidding? I wrote it down.) of a few things to add to my quilty budget for the remainder of September.

The pattern I bought is for a 45″ by 56″ quilt called Pavers and is from Eagles Nest Designs.

Suzi mentioned that this is a fantastic pattern for fabric when you have one of those “just can’t cut it” moments and showed us a sample made with her snow-dyed fabric.  If you scroll down a bit on the Eagles Nest Designs website, you can see an image of the snow-dyed project.

Pop Up Image

I maybe didn’t need the pattern so much, but I’m about to teach my first “real” beginning quilting class in a week and wanted to show how easy it can be.

What quilter doesn’t always need another pattern?

Okay, so I don’t follow patterns or directions very well, but we’ve already covered that.

I digress.

Really I just wanted to tell you how fantastic the hand-marbled fabrics are, and where you could find them for yourself!

Now I better get to work!

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