Labors of Love

It amazes me how quickly October is creeping up.  The Nester’s annual 31 Days writing challenge is on the horizon and I’ve been neglecting my blog content for quite a while.

I’ve formulated several excuses for my procrastination online and with quilt projects.  They usually start in the following order:

#1 “Stupid MS.” (self-explanatory)

#2 Replacing my laptop and not backing up or transferring my files (also self-explanatory if you know anything about my non-tech savvy ways.)

#3 Replacing camera (see rationale in item #2)

#4 “My bobbin ran out.” (Y’all know that’s a perfectly excusable reason to get up and walk away for a while!)

#5 “I’m just going to read one more chapter.” (Or the slight variation, “I’m just going to rest my eyes for a few minutes.”)

#6 “I don’t feel like making and ironing binding.” (I find this quite enjoyable but I hate trying to handle the gobs of fabric falling on the floor while I am making it!)

#7 “I dropped and broke (fill in the blank).” (Maybe I should start to only tell people the things I haven’t broken!)

Personally, I think those are all very valid excuses!

I digress.

I’ve been scribbling down ideas for October and honestly keep thinking how I’d rather be quilting than goofing off in front of my computer.

That isn’t to say that I don’t fully admit to spending way too many wee morning hours on Twitter and Instagram instead of working on my own projects lately…it is so much easier to click and like than get down to work and meet deadlines some mornings.

I have more works in progress (WIPs) than I currently care to count.  I’m trying to get everything scheduled on my calendar and find myself back on track, but I keep adding more projects that I probably need to just start saying “no” to any additional requests…though I just said “yes” to two more requests this past Friday.  Oops!

I am certainly way behind in my Bee Hive Quilting Bee blocks.  I am also in need of plenty of “please forgive me” extras to tuck into the packages for the Queen Bees who were neglected while I dealt with a flare-up of MS this summer and just tried to stay on top of my swap deadlines.

After several years of work creeping into all my free time, I was suddenly given it back.  It’s unusual to have time to relax and cuddle up in bed with a book, or sit around the table and play cards with friends.  As long as my MS cooperates, I think I have a lot of extra time for the things I really love…family, friends, quilting, reading, cooking, baking, and watching lots of football.

In my humble opinion, that sounds like a pretty good life!

I do have some projects at home to work on while the rainy season is afoot.  So far the laminate flooring fairy hasn’t installed the floor in my office yet, so I think that tops my list of to-do’s. 

The past few weeks I’ve had several requests for tutorials on how I create my thread sketches so I am hoping to get some posts together to give you a quick quilty rundown of how I work through my projects.   I thought about breaking it up over the month of October and use it for the 31 Days writing challenge, but 31 days of tutorials and examples might scare some people off.  It is slightly unconventional but is easy to master with a little practice.  So keep an eye out for that very soon!

On September 28th, the fantastic Angie of Gnome Angel is hosting the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Sew-Along.  I might need to do some fabric shopping for this one.  I was leaning towards a red, white, and blue patriotic theme for my quilt.

So now you know my list of excuses, and that I still  have a lot of upcoming projects that I’d love to share with you.  Also take this as a fair warning that October will be a month of constant ramblings from me.

Are you linking up with The Nester for the writing challenge this October or quilting along with Gnome Angel?

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