Last Little Bit of Summer

The weather here is already back to nearly perfect quilting weather:

Grey and drizzly.

The weather makes it easy to curl up and stitch the days away.

I’ve been trying to get a rather large project organized and that’s taken up a great number of hours already, and not enough time left for selfish sewing.

I squeezed in enough time to glitz up a Seahawks scarf.


I also whipped up an apron using a pattern from Vintage Vogue.  I used my prized bunch of navy and cheddar reproduction fabrics from Penny Rose Fabrics.  I couldn’t believe just how many yards of fabric this pattern used!  

20160828_163149 20160828_234243 20160901_135845 20160901_141929 And because I didn’t have enough to do, I’d told Leslie, of Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After, that I’d do one last summer link up post about what I’m reading.

I’m afraid it might not be too terribly exciting though.

Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

4th Edition, by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Maybe not your idea of light summer reading, but I’m working my way through Learning Web Design.  This is a topic that doesn’t exactly come naturally to me, so I need every little tidbit of information that I can get.  I think I know just enough to be really dangerous.

That lies somewhere between the skill level required to upload funny puppy and kitty videos and novice proficiency of using HTML.

I do find this book to be a great book on introductory web design, so if you are looking to learn some basics, this is a great resource.

My next light summer reading book is all about mastering OneNote.  In the last year and a half, I’ve become obsessed with OneNote for getting organized at home and at work.  One day it just finally clicked to start organizing digital notebooks of information rather than hanging onto paper.

OneNote: The Ultimate Guide To OneNote – Goals, Time Management & Productivity

by Alex Downey

I am working my way through this book on my Kindle.  It is available for free with Kindle Unlimited, or if you are a big spender, you can purchase it for 99 cents.  I highlighted enough information that I wanted to look back at, so I opted to spend the 99 cents.

Currently I’m in the process of finishing up a recipe notebook using OneNote and I’ve included all my family favorites and I’m very happy with the results.  I’m also working through creating a way to organize all my quilting and homekeeping projects.  It’s been nice to have everything in one place.  I do think I probably should back everything up to an external hard drive before I go tossing out all my papers and donating my books.

There you have it, my current summer reading.  Probably not exactly what anyone was expecting, but I suppose I’m used to not following suit.

If you want to see what the other ladies are reading as summer comes to an end, make sure you go visit Sheila at Making the Most of Every Day, Michael Ann at Out and Back, Christy at r Squared and, of course, Leslie at Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After.


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  • Your sewing projects are always so pretty. Great job blinging up your scarf. I have a prized Peyton Manning jersey from his Indiana days that I could girl-y up a little Will think about that. Your apron is darling. Are the vintage patterns truly old patterns you found at a swap meet or garage sale or patterns that Vogue has brought back? I see the word vintage on the pattern envelope, so I guess the latter.

    So much for light summer reading, huh? You amaze me. You seem to be the perfect combination of right and left brain. I can’t imagine picking up a book and learning web design. I really need someone to show me everything. And then, maybe if I make good notes, I could learn to do a little something.

    Thanks for joining us. I hope we will continue on through the rest of the year with our reviews. You have a standing invitation to join us when you can. XO

    • Thanks Leslie! I have a few jerseys that I keep thinking I will add a little sparkle to, but I always chicken out. I will say that the Swarovski crystals are priced better on Amazon than in my local craft stores. I think I get 144 for about $10 on Amazon, or at the craft stores, I can find packs with 28 for $5.99. I think I might buy an older jersey and fiddle with it. I have some big ideas for making it very glam and girly. But I have so many projects that I haven’t finished.

      Thank you for having the linkups. I love seeing what everyone is reading. The Vintage Vogue are a series of patterns they re-released. I’ve seen several really fun ones, but I’m not so great at sewing clothing. I am going to be making another apron for a Christmas apron swap though, so I might get another pattern. This one used so much fabric and was so heavy.