Rail Fence Quilt

Now that Monday is almost over, I thought I would share my latest quilt project.


Today, I dusted off my sewing machine and decided to work on a rail fence quilt for my daughter. I wanted instant gratification, so I chose something that would go together quickly, and used fabrics that I already had in my fabric stash.  This quilt top is going together rather quickly because I started with 2-1/2-inch strips of fabric and made large 17-inch square blocks.  Most of the fabric I am using is from the Fox Field line by Tula Pink.


I think my daughter will enjoy the whimsical patterns and the vivid colors.


I sorted the strips into groups of fabrics that I thought read as lights, reds, greens, and blues.  I randomly grabbed a fabric from each pile and sewed the strips together.   I now had 22 strips each measuring 9-inches wide.


I was glad my trusty iron and Best Press® were ready to go!

014e2a4b166f50951b84e8c0691eda68e1aee8b7a8I had a lot of pressing to do!

016a85cee81d8a9f398c6692dc9e624a27ae500c29After A LOT of pressing, I cut each strip into 9-inch squares.  I had some smaller pieces left over, but just set them aside for a different project.  Waste not, want not.

01fa5a35281353320591340ace41ed9fe484a4bdd3I thought about a scrappier look, but decided to keep each group of 4 together.  I alternated each so that it had a pinwheel effect.

01a8a96b3e6e789f8ed5f23341f8ac16005bf07a4aI sorted the fabric squares into piles so that I could grab and sew without stopping too much.  I often double checked that I was keeping with my pattern, since I was also catching up on some television as I worked.  I kept my seam ripper handy…usually that is a tool that I need!  Luckily, my diligence paid off and I did not have to remove any seams.

013c5f7b49ca5427735fe571f2687b64553c1ea56e01fe80469b83d83343b2abee2fa18cedfa81bb1453By this time, the dog was ready for a nap, but I wanted to finish all my blocks!

0184b51b31a172b183438fb3a5b5006aec26739818Even the cat was worn out!

011d06c7b83cd0052808ebad7f92ec6597b4b9144cIt is hard work being quilt studio supervisors!  They took their mandatory union break for a quick snooze.


It is still a work in progress, but I am quite pleased with the results.  Today was successful and my daughter’s quilt is coming along quite nicely.

Do you ever piece easier patterns, such as a Rail Fence, to get instant quilty gratification?

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  • I almost only piece simple patterns. I don’t really like lots of fussy piecing. Rail fence would be right in my wheelhouse. Like the colors you are using for this. Very nice. I bet your daughter will love snuggling up under her new quilt!

    • Thanks! I know what you mean about fussy piecing. I think I even signed up for a Craftsy class called Precision Piecing, but never worked my way through it because I like to see quilt tops done more quickly in my limited free time. Maybe some day I might try that class though.