Making Some Changes ‘Round Here

About 6 or 7 months ago, I started dreaming on making some changes.

About 4 months ago, I started getting fizzled out at work and life and set everything aside for a little while.

Last week, I hit import-export-trash-exit and any other link I saw.  At two or three points, I got the wonderful blue screen of death on my computer (with a nice smiley face telling me my computer was sending a report.  Note to random IT people: thanks…smiley faces make it all better and totally helped my outlook on that repeated problem–that I probably caused myself, but that is of no concern.).

Anyhow, I seemed to devastate my entire blog history in one fell swoop.

As it turns out, I was already feeling sorta like Eeyore (usually I only go down this path for a couple days at a time).

I had a rough week and felt that I had absolutely no direction for a little bit and wondered why I am even doing what I’m doing.

But I’ve got some great support and encouragement behind the scenes to keep trying to make something out of my dreams, even when I feel a little infinitely doubtful as to the possibility of success.

So I dusted off my old notebooks full of ideas and lecture notes from V-WISE, and decided now is as good a time as any to move forward.

Now that doesn’t mean that it has been an easy transition by any means.

I am not capable of multitasking, and while ordering a complete new theme for my website (I was starting fresh after all), I purchased one that is based on Squarespace.  I was talking to my son and hit download before I’d even realized what I’d done, and it was enough of an investment, that I’ve spent the last few days building a new site.

I absolutely love teaching, and instead of rambling on and on incessantly about life and MS (and my general shenanigans), October is going to be focused around starting to watch that old/new dream blossom and see where it goes.

Hopefully one day soon, when you stop by here, it’ll bring you right to my new little corner of the online quilting community.

I’m excited to share this new opportunity, and I have tasked my son with buying a new external back-up drive for me to survive moments like I had this past week.

Now my son, he may or may not be still irritated that I took apart the last backup drive I had and said maybe I should try taking apart things that are not so expensive.  Even without the back story, I’m sure most people that know me can totally know that I was all in and feeling like I was tackling that gangbusters, until I royally blew it.

Story of my life-computers, quilts, recipes, relationships, you name it!  I’ve got it all together, until I don’t.  It’s a talent.

My son likes to say, “Consistency. It’s a virtue, as long as you’re not a screw-up.”  (I think I MIGHT be the “screw-up” he is referring to.)

See you very soon with something new!

PS: If you use Squarespace, or have a reason why you don’t, I’d love to hear what you think before I fully commit.

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