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I seem to have gone missing for all of November.  Today, the ladies of The Blended Blog are linking up for a Christmas gift guide today.  That’s enough reason to spur me to post something!

I love giving gifts.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep those gifts secret.

It is actually physically impossible for me to do so.  I’ve tried.  I’ve tried so, so terribly hard.  I fail miserably every time.

I think I was supposed to give you some great ideas for quilters on your Christmas list, but I can’t follow directions, and I am sorta the renegade blogger of the bunch (as usual).

So I figured I’d throw in some quilty ideas, but I’d also give you an idea of the fantastic things I am actually buying people this year.

Here are my top five pics for some quilty gifts that nearly any quilter would love:

Handcrafted Seam Ripper and Sewing Stiletto
image courtesy of PJArtWoods via Etsy
image courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop

Now for gifts I’m actually giving this year:

Merino Seafood Market is a wonderful shop in Westport, Washington.  I’d tell you my vegetarian daughter loves their canned Jalapeno Albacore Tuna and Habanero Albacore Tuna, but she might not like that very much.  Oops!  Though that should tell you just how great this stuff is!

They have a sampler “Crew Share” gift pack that contains an excellent variety of their products, including cans of that great Habanero Albacore and Jalapeno Albacore, and also includes cans of Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon.  I’d be lying if I told you that this was a selfless gift.  My recent order was to fill the shelves at home and have a few spare cans to gift, only if truly necessary.   

Okay, this gift idea could be a bit quilty; however, I’m buying it for my knitting outlaw, the kids’ grandma: Knit Mitts by Texture Clothing Co. (Hint: another great Pacific Northwest company).  If I was less selfish, I wouldn’t admit that I am considering put a pair of these in my order to keep for myself.  If you are looking for a gift for anyone who types, writes, sews, knits, just gets cold, has achy hands, you name it, these are a wonderfully practical gift.

image courtesy of Texture Clothing Co.

Now I did just a tiny bit of Christmas shopping because my kids already have received their Christmas presents early.  That leaves my brothers, sister, and dad to shop for.  I’d say usually we could do one-stop, very practical, and sure to be used gift shopping at Total Wine & MoreThat might sound bad, albeit true, but there was some fancy soda and sparkling water tucked in our cart with the wine and whiskey bottles. 

Anyhow, enough of my rambling.

This year, I bought gifts for my sister and one of my brothers from a great Veteran-owned and operated company, Grunt Style.  Now they definitely might not be the place you could find something for everyone on your list, but for my family, it is almost too hard to pick out just one shirt or hoodie.  They also have Club Grunt Style, a fun monthly tee club for men and women, if you want to surprise someone with a tee every month of the year.  I buy these, but mostly my son steals them from me and I never see them again.  Maybe I should think about getting him his own subscription. 

Speaking of my inability to keep Christmas presents a secret all the way to Christmas morning, I told my sister what I ordered for her as soon as I was ordering it. Granted, I wanted to know what size tee-shirt she preferred but the answer was exactly the same as the items in my online shopping cart, and she probably didn’t need to know just which ones I ordered for her. 

Maybe I am going to have to take lessons in how to keep a secret.

Nah, I will just keep being the Christmas present surprise-spoiling person I’ve always been.  It would be way too hard to change my nature.

Make sure you go check out all the great gift guides today!  The other ladies of The Blended Blog always have a great eye for style.  Next stop on this gift guide blog hop is Leslie.

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