Quilty Goal Setting for 2016

quilty goal setting for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, I’m trying to figure out what I really want to accomplish in 2016.

I sat down and made myself a list of 16 things I wanted to accomplish in 2016.

I though maybe a list of 16 things is too big.

Then I thought, “What have I got to lose?

If I make a list and not all of it gets done, I still have an idea of where I want to focus my attention.

One of the things I’ve learned, living a life with multiple sclerosis, is that I have to be very flexible and open to change.  I can make the biggest and grandest plan only to find myself sidelined with wonky vision, debilitating fatigue, or changes in physical abilities.

I’ve also learned I can either let that get the better of me, spiral into feelings of despair and become very bitter and resentful, or I can just readjust my priorities and goals and keep trying to move forward.

That isn’t to say that I don’t find myself wallowing in self-pity in certain moments, or wishing I didn’t live with this disease.

I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

Usually though, I can ward of those icky feelings that come with increased limitations because I know, more often than not, that it is a temporary problem.

So 16 goals in 2016 might be a little overambitious, but I’ve managed to meet some grandiose goals in the past, so why not keep striving in life (and quilting) and see what happens?


In no particular order, here’s what I want to see happen in 2016:

  1.  Design a sampler quilt.
  2. Organize my fabric scraps by color (so they actually get used!).
  3. Figure out a good storage solution for all my quilting rulers.
  4. Complete the Cora’s Quilts Super Mario Brothers Block of the Month quilt for my son (I already have all the materials for the 12 blocks).
  5. Complete the Cora’s Quilts Legend of Zelda Block of the Month quilt for my son, too (I also have all the materials for this one, too).
  6. Finish a 12th man-worthy, queen-sized quilt that I designed for someone very special.
  7. Design and complete 26 mini quilts.
  8. Start filling a blank book with my own sketches, block ideas, and color inspiration.
  9. Make a quilt using only solid fabrics (I’m thinking of using the Sequoia pattern from Quilting from Every Angle by Nancy Purvis for this one.).
  10. Finish the queen-sized rail fence quilt for my daughter (Eek!  I can’t believe I haven’t finished this yet!).
  11. Make two pillow shams to match the rail fence quilt for my daughter.
  12. Complete 4 twin-sized string quilts.
  13. Make a Christmas quilt.
  14. Complete a king-sized Asteria quilt.
  15. Make a king-sized quilt for my own bed.
  16. Make a Four Corners quilt (also from Quilting from Every Angle).

So clearly my list is a lot to tackle.  I sneakily made sure that some of my goals could be checked off by finishing other goals, sort of a two-for-one deal.

Now it just remains to be seen what I can actually get done!

As I made my list, I found out I’m not the only quilter figuring out my goals for 2016.  Yvonne of Quilting JETgirl is hosting a link up of other bloggers setting their intentions for the new year.  Make sure you stop by and check out what the others are up to in 2016.

Do you have any goals or intentions of what projects you want to get done in 2016?


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