Sleepy Time Diffuser Blend

One of the things I like least about living with multiple sclerosis is battling debilitating fatigue and then despite fatigue, living with insomnia when nerve pain keeps me up at night.  It’s a vicious cycle that I’ve dealt with for years now.

My mama used to make blends of essential oils to put on old washcloths and tuck into pillow cases.

A few years back I bought a diffuser and it is a bit more effective than those old washcloths dabbed with essential oils.

I make this blend of essential oils and as soon as I open the bottle of ylang ylang, it reminds me of my mama.  It is one of those hard-to-forget scents that she used quite often.  I add some vetiver and frankincense to it and just crawl into bed with a quilt, a needle, and some thread and I just enjoy some quiet time to myself.

Now I probably shouldn’t crawl into bed with sharp scissors and needles, because I tend to find the needles at inopportune times days later, often without knowing I’m missing one-or three.  That, however, I chalk up to an occupational hazard unique to quilters.  But that’s a story for another day.   

Anyhow, this blend is one that I like to put in the diffuser because even if I’m not falling asleep, it is relaxing, and anything smells better than a house with a bulldog and a teenage boy.  But I think everyone already knows that! 

What do you do when you can’t sleep?  Got any tips and tricks to share?

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