Playing Catch Up

I am an early bird and often a wee-hours-of-the-morning quilter.

I like the quiet.  I like the stillness.

I love working on something that doesn’t require reading or following a pattern.

I make mistakes.  I fall behind.  I miss deadlines.

I am always working on the things I love.

I find confidence in the projects that are successful.

I learn lessons from the ones that I toss aside or hide in the waste bin under my desk.

Today is another early morning of thread and bobbins, a hot iron, and too many projects to successfully complete.

I put on my headphones and settle in.

I feel more contentment and competence than any other area in my life.

I can get lost in this place where I am the maker.

Every stitch is a moment of my time, energy, and life that I give away to another when I hand them (or mail them) their quilt.  I give away a piece of me, but I gain so much in the process.

Often I make things I don’t want to let go of.

Other times, I want to give every quilt away so I can see the love and appreciation in the eyes of another.  Generosity is food for my soul.

I stitch to work past physical pain and try to pretend that it isn’t really there.  Distraction is a necessity.

Self-doubt can creep in quickly from fear, worry, and physical limitations.

I feel clumsy and my mind is sometimes slow from MS, but when I finish up a project, I feel in control of creating some beauty in a struggle-filled life.

I might overshare thoughts and feelings, like today.

I often have too many projects and need to get caught up, like today.

I have a lot of stitching to catch up on, slow or not.  I also need to figure out how to get my pictures to upload to my new laptop so I have more than text and white space on these posts, especially since I have several new projects finished.  The 31 Days writing project is also creeping up very quickly.  October 1st is just around the corner.

I finally decided on my 31 Days of writing project after weeks of scribbling down thoughts and ideas.

I know I am not the only quilter, or maker of any sorts, who lets fear creep into the process and questions whether what I make is “good enough.”

So in October stay tuned for 31 Days of Quilty Fears.  I will be rambling on about fear and worry in the creative process.

What are you stitching today?

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