Swap Angel Mini Quilt

This week I worked on a quilt for someone who participated in a swap and never received her package.

I’ve had that happen more times than I care to say, and it isn’t a lot of fun to put a lot of effort into designing a creating a project only to blow cobwebs out of your mailbox every day until you finally just give up and concede nothing is going to arrive.

I actually find it a lot of fun to be a swap angel.  I get to make something extra special and I know that the recipient is waiting patiently for its arrival.

This week’s swap angel project was for the #80s90scraftswap on Instagram.

I haven’t shipped this yet, but it will be on its way on Tuesday.

Done and ready to ship! #multimediaart #threadsketching #threadpainting #cabbagepatchkids #miniquilt #80s90scraftswap

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