Strips and Strings

I really love string quilts.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to use what I already have, those bits and pieces destined for the trash can, and turn them into something beautiful.

Typically, I foundation piece my string quilts on squares of muslin. I purchase muslin by the bolt when it is on sale.

Okay, usually I buy three or four bolts of muslin at a time. (I go through a lot!)

This week, instead of cutting out muslin foundation pieces, I used Alyce Blyth’s paper-pieced block: Treasure Hunt. This block is part of her Bee Hive Quilting Bee series and available free on her blog: Blossom Heart Quilts.  You can find all her Bee Hive quilt block tutorials: here.

I liked the idea of a bit more controlled piecing as far as placement and strip width goes.

I’d say it would probably help my seam alignment, but this block I rushed to piece at the end of my lunch hour.

I’ve pulled lots of red, yellows, blacks, greys, and low volume fabrics from my scrap stash and I’m working on a scrappy Treasure Hunt throw this week.

The block goes together quickly, which is great for me because I need to finish this project fast! My sister and son are asking me to make them a couple of throw quilts and are quite specific about the details and the timeline, not to mention persistent about asking if I am working on it yet.

I better get some of my projects wrapped up so I can move onto the next project.  Good thing it’s a long weekend.  I should have a bit of time for quilting.

Have you tried paper piecing or foundation piecing?

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