Time Flies When…

I hear it all the time, “Time flies…”

It certainly does, and often before I realize it.

Time flies when I’m focused on work, living with MS, quilting, and parenting my two wonderful kids (who keep proving their independence and intelligence at every opportunity).

Today, my son turns 15 years old.  I can’t believe it has gone by so quickly. I also can’t believe his big sis is starting college, and his half sister in Vermont is all grown up and raising babies of her own! 

last day as a 14-year old

 We decided to escape the heat yesterday and headed out to Westport, Washington for a day trip. This little section of beach is where we go to remember my mama.

I wasn’t walking so well, so I didn’t get down to the water, but it was nice to see my son enjoying a place that is very special to me. 

 My brothers, sister and I grew up playing right here where my son stands by the water. July or December, it didn’t quite matter. We headed out and played in the waves. We collected rocks. We looked for sand dollars. Mostly we collected those rocks.

After my mama passed, this spot is where we returned her ashes to the earth. There’s a bench nearby where my father likes to go often and just sit. This always was their place to spend time together and it is his way to keep that tradition alive.

I know my mama would be amazed at the genuine, smart, kind-hearted young man my son is becoming. Well, she wouldn’t be amazed so much as she’d be proud of him and Alice, too. She helped me raise them up right and I miss her guidance terribly sometimes.

I would never have survived single motherhood all these years without the love and support of my parents, but especially my mama! 

Five years ago I was headed back from Westport with my kids and on the way home I found out my mama was in the hospital and terminally ill.  It was a short three months later that she was called home. 

While it has been nearly five years, it still breaks my heart and I still miss her terribly. She was my rock and kept me grounded through life’s storms. She fostered a love of Jesus, generosity, and determination in me that have guided me throughout my life.


And no matter where I go, that little kid in me still loves to collect beach rocks! It reminds me of my mama. 

So while time flies through the years quickly, sometimes the heart stands still in love or grief. This little section of beach is where my heart stands still and rests in both.

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    • Somehow that post went a totally different direction from just wondering how the heck my son is already 15! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a compliment. I will have to check out Leslie’s post for sure!!