Very Slow Stitches

This weekend, I ended up scrapping my plans to teach beginning quilting.

I’ve got some great ladies that are quick learners and a couple planned to drop by Saturday for lesson #2 in beginning quilting.  They are learning and at the same time helping me make more blocks for quilts to donate to homeless Veterans.

I just really didn’t have much left in me once the weekend rolled around.

I’ll interrupt with a little peek at what we worked on for our beginner’s quilting lesson:

string blocks homeless Vet quilt project
The ladies learned foundation piecing string quilt blocks.  Some had never used a sewing machine before they showed up to learn and were talking about finding a sewing machine of their own before they’d even left the lesson.
sample layout string quilts homeless Vet project
They were reluctant with my “scrappy” request with a consistent center string but quickly learned that it results in a fun layout.

Anyhow, the added bonus of stress + multiple sclerosis (MS) = unpredictable capabilities.

I like to say that fatigue is the most debilitating symptom of MS for me, but the thing about MS that drives me absolutely bonkers is that it is about as predictable as reaching into a bowl of jelly beans and knowing what flavor you’ll get.

With MS, I wake up one day and I never know what surprises are in store for me.

I HATE surprises!

I like consistent, predictable, routine.

MS likes to throw curve balls in my sense of order.

Between my leg and my non-stop ruminating, even ZzzQuil wasn’t helping me get a few hours of rest.  Yesterday, I had 1.75 hours of sleep and a lead leg to haul around after I finished working.

I tried to take my son to Target for an iTunes gift card that I’d promised him earlier in the week.  He said it would certainly be a faster trip if I would just pick my leg up and walk and stop dragging it around.


Every once and a while my leg thinks it has MS or something.

Built-in excuse to be lazy perhaps?

I made it to about 1 pm before I cancelled on my friends.  By 3 pm I was in pajamas and shut my phone off and crawled into bed for a few hours.

I’m sure they love that I flaked on my promise, but I hope I don’t do that too often for them to not just understand I was feeling under the weather.

Now today, I’m feeling a little behind in my personal projects and I’m slowing others down who had promised to help me.  I really am not keen on that.


But this time of year, Sundays are always set aside for football and quilting.  That turns slow hand stitching into very slow stitching because I get a little distracted.

I don’t have to worry about quilting classes, trips to the store, or finding anything other than a clean pair of pajamas to get through today.

I’d planned my bi-weekly fabric store trip for today but I  just can’t bring myself around to go get the stuff I needed despite a looming project deadline.  I was thinking I might just start ordering fabric online and save myself some gas money and bridge tolls.  I’m not sure if that will save me money in the long run, or if I will just allocate those savings to buying more fabric again.  


I’ve got my needle, thread, thimble, and quilting hoop and I know what my day has in store for me.  I was going to finish the binding on a very special quilt, but it makes me sad now to finish it, so I’m working on my own bed quilt today in red, white, and blue.

hand quilting

Predictable and routine, very slow (and sometimes inconsistently sized) big stitches.

Life is good.

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