Wild Prairie Design Studio

I’m wrapping things up here, and you’ll be able to see what I’m up to at Wild Prairie Design Studio, as well as learn more about a project quilting for homeless Veterans.

I’m slowly working on domain transfers and changing hosting services, so things are wonky to say the least.  Squarespace has a bit of a learning curve.

It’s time to look forward and not back, and Write 31 Days was the perfect opportunity for me to do that, and challenge myself to work on learning the quirks of Squarespace.  You can find my new 31 days series about Sowing Seeds and Sewing Scraps here.

It’s been fun sharing my thread sketches and quilting with you, as well as my shenanigans, but I decided that it’s just time to move on to other things.  This site has hosting for at least another year, so maybe I’ll clean it all back up and use it as a personal blog, but I’m going to be putting all my energy into Wild Prairie Design Studio and my project To Honor and Comfort: quilts for homeless Vets.

Thank you for all your support over the past couple of years as I learned my way around blogging and websites.  Your emails and comments gave me a lot of  encouragement to keep doing what I love, and it is appreciated so much!

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